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November 28th, 2008

We have some lovely old French cuffs in our collection, so we needed a modern girl to model them for us. Fortunately, Angela stopped by to have some fun and we locked her in some old style leg irons (Rivolier) and a rare pair of La Pegy handcuffs. Aaah French cuffs, so elegant :-) Angela liked them too, because they’re light weight. Next, we put her in some very odd looking French chain cuffs and tightened a pair of old thumb screws on her thumbs. Yes, they are a torture device and now Angela is painfully aware of that fact :-) Don’t worry, no Angelas were hurt during shooting!

April 20th, 2007

Wow, it has been a while since Linda appeared on GirlsInCuffs! More than a year ago! We figured it was time to feature her again, especially this great picture set! Linda models 3 totally different but somehow similar cuffs, two of which have never been seen on GirlsInCuffs before. We started off putting her in Darby Irish 8 cuffs, then a pair of plastic KeyCuffs (reusable police zipties) and finally a strange looking cuff known as a French chain cuff (it looks like a bike chain). If you are a fan of handcuffs (and we know you are), this set is worth studying up close!!