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January 30th, 2009

This week, new girl Tamara is testing out our Clejuso high security range of restraints. Although they are a bit big for female wrists, the cuffs are still very challenging to escape from. Tamara loved the weight and feel of the cuffs, and listened very closely as we explained the difference between hinged and chain handcuffs. Will she get out of both versions? See for yourself in the video!

plus bonus video!

January 23rd, 2009

Are there still handcuffs we have never used on this website? Yes, there are. In fact, last week’s waist chain was never used before on this site. And this week, we have another very interesting pair of handcuffs to show you: the Hiatts 2010c! What’s so special about them? Only members will find that out, if they look closely ;-) The lovely Gisele is back to demonstrate them, along with a fashionable pair of legirons and a connector chain!!

January 16th, 2009

Fair skinned Litha is still with us in 2009! We put her in a tight waistchain (the American Handcuff Company model BC-01) and legirons (AHC L-100). We were planning an escape challenge, but we realised how good Litha is at escaping. We needed something extra to make it more difficult, so we added a pair of Tubes. These are only used on high risk prisoners, to prevent them hurting themselves or others. Litha still tried to escape, even grabbing the keys with her toes. Very impressive!

January 9th, 2009

Guess who’s back! Melanie needs no introduction, she gets lots of member requests and is one of our most popular models! She just loves to get cuffed and try out new things! This week, we present to you: Melanie in VOPO high security handcuffs and VOPO cable legirons! We played a little trick on her: in the picture shoot, we cuffed her wrists crossed and told her to free herself. That was easy. But when we did a little bonus video, we cuffed her wrists parallel (keyholes facing the wrong way) ;-)

plus bonus video!

January 2nd, 2009

Let’s make things a bit harder! Experienced GirlInCuffs Sammie is back to try a more challenging position: she is handcuffed behind her back, her cuffs attached to a tight waist chain. We cuffed her elbows with a pair of AHC N-200 and added legirons. You would think Sammie wouldn’t move around as much as usual, but apparently this position is still not strict enough for Sammie. Enjoy this extra large photoset! Happy 2009 from all of us! Let’s hope it will be a good handcuff year!