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May 28th, 2010

We had some nice member requests for Kim, who appeared a while ago in GIC226. One of the requests was Kim in our favorite handcuffs, something we just can’t refuse! Kim was happy to return to be cuffed in our LIPS and Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, in all kinds of poses: in front, behind her back, wrists to ankles, 3 pairs on her wrists, and of course the famous wrist-ankle-ankle-wrist position. We always end with that one, because it’s fun to toss the keys in and see what happens ;-)

plus bonus video!

May 21st, 2010

This cheerful Mexican girl is rapidly becoming one of the web’s most famous handcuff models! So we just had to invite her to! Anahí showed up wearing big sunglasses and chewing bubble gum :-) All we could do is add a little more cheerfulness, that’s why we got out our entire collection of Trilock handcuffs. Anahí happily models all four different versions: cable, chain, hinged, and webbed… while blowing big bubbles and just being silly and cheerful! So cute! Welcome, Anahí, you’re one of the girls now! She will definitely be back for more!

May 14th, 2010

Ailish is back in her blue latex bondage suit (see also GIC210)! This time we try our wrist cage on her. It might just be a little too big for her, but she can not quite get her hands out. She keeps trying, even when we apply the wrist cage behind her back, but her hand keeps getting stuck. However, we think it’s too close to an escape. So we quickly lock her into something that should be way more fun: the dreaded elbow traps! They may look like strange devices, but they are really effective. Ailish can not bend her arms, and when we connect the traps with a locking rod it becomes a good rigid cuffing!

May 7th, 2010

Little Charlie :-) We almost feel sorry for her as we lock her into these big East German restraints. But Charlie models them very well! She could actually do a VOPO ad campaign, if these cuffs were still on the market today. The rounded handcuffs and leg irons are actually very comfortable to wear, and Charlie did not mind wearing them at all, although she found the ankle cuffs a little hard to walk around in, since they are connected by a steel cable instead of a chain. Oh well, you can’t have it all :-)