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August 31st, 2012

Gretchen is everything we want in a model! Young girl, wide blue eyes, blonde hair, willing to explore the possibilities of posing in handcuffs! Sweet Gretchen is amazed by the super heavy weight of the model 15 Clejuso handcuffs, but she is curious and decides to go ahead with the shoot. We locked the cuffs tightly over her sweater, like some members requested, and try out many different poses with this very photogenic girl!

August 24th, 2012

We think the funny blonde girl Bambi is the ideal model to lock into the famous! Cuffed with hinged cuffs on elbows and wrists, and thumbcuffed, Bambi is not going anywhere! Here arms are rigid behind her body (or in front, both positions are possible) and she can not move much! Bambi had great fun in this rigid pose, in fact she is locking herself into most of the cuffs! What a nice cheerful girl to work with! She is a handcuff talent!

August 17th, 2012

The RigidSpreader always makes a lovely update, because the model will go from happy to very frustrated in about 120 pictures. With Esmee, her beautiful smile is a sight to behold when her ankles and wrists are locked in the spreader, the padlocks on the side facing away from her hands. She is playing around in this very restrictive position, rolling onto her back, and laughing. But then we give her the keys and tell her we will not be helping her. Watch her smile disappear as she struggles for the best part of an hour to unlock this hellish device. In the end, Esmee is not happy… and still stuck…

August 10th, 2012

18-year old Stacey is not a model, nor does she know how to model. But she knows she loves handcuffs, and that is why she keeps coming back! And we have to say she looks fantastic when she is all cuffed up! Maybe she does not have as much confidence, but she sure is a top model in our books! This time we wrap the shy girl in a double waist chain, and we attach a pair of chain cuffs to her sides, so both wrists are locked in two cuffs! A double waist chain with double cuffs, very secure! And sexy, because it is Stacey, our perfect girl-next-door!

August 3rd, 2012

Candy and Kimberley just keep coming back! Separately they are very nice to work with, but together they are insane! We cuff them in neck cuffs and handcuffs, so we can do various positions with them, cuffing their necks together, or cuffing their wrists to their necks, in an attempt to make them look a little more calm and submissive. It worked, but not for very long, these girls are crazy and they love playing with cuffs!