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July 25th, 2008

It must be New Girl Month this July at! The fourth new girl of this month already, Angela explores the elite art of restrained modelling ‘just to see if she likes it’. Well she did! We let her try out a pair of hinged handcuffs (Smith & Wesson’s model 300), both in front and wrists crossed behind her back. Then it was on to a Peerless 5002 waistchain, Peerless 303 ankle cuffs and connector chain for the real prisoner feel. Angela loved it all, and she promised us to come back real soon!!

July 18th, 2008

Aaaah Bianca :-) She’s a good old favorite on this website, with a lot of updates under her belt… So it’s time for the famous ‘El-Marino’ position, three pairs of cuffs, wrist to ankle to ankle to wrist, you can’t go wrong with that one!! Bianca loves modelling for us, she’s always smiling and happy to try new things. We did a lot of different cuffing positions in this shoot, as well as giving her the keys to escape the cuffs behind her back. Classic update! :-)

July 11th, 2008

Yet another new model at! Cathy has a very pretty face and nice long hair. She told us she had never touched handcuffs before, so she was a bit shy at first. Posing in handcuffs and legirons can be a little scary, especially when your first cuffs ever are Clejuso’s! The weight of these cuffs is very impressive, even though we only used the Clejuso model 13 handcuffs. We think Cathy did really well for her first time!! She will be back!

July 4th, 2008

A new month, time for 2 new girls! Daniela and Desi are close friends and they were very interested in modelling for our website. Good, because we needed two models for our experiment. What happens when you give two new models a pile of restraints and don’t give any directions on how to apply them? Well, you can see the results below! Not how we would have done it, but very interesting to say the least! We’ll be seeing more of these girls soon, that’s for sure. Next time it will be GirlsInCuffs style!!