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January 26th, 2024

I am so glad that fashion model Sylvie is back again as a permanent model! In case you don’t know, she was one of the most popular Girls In Cuffs back in 2015! She is back now, still looking stunning! I wasted no time locking her into a RigidFiddle and then I challenged her to escape! She had a lot of fun and it was like she had never been away. Can’t wait to lock her up more in my collection that has grown a lot since 2015!!

January 19th, 2024

‘Can we do a bikini shoot with a pair of handcuffs?’, Liz asked me. Of course! That’s always a lot of fun. But you know what is more fun? More handcuffs! I kept adding more and more pairs and Liz started to get a bit worried. It was very heavy and she wasn’t able to move as well anymore. Especially when I recuffed her behind the back. Liz went on her knees automatically… such a good sub girl!

January 12th, 2024

I now have both versions of the Bagno wrist vise. The original version is so big I can use it for elbows (if the model is flexible enough, it’s not easy!!). But the new version is small and fits on wrists only. So there was no doubt the first elbow bondage model coming into the studio would have to try both at the same time! Cindy Dollar is my flexible bondage doll, she loves anything I do to her, the tighter the better, and the naughtier the better! She is the perfect model to try a Double Bagno!!

January 5th, 2024

Oxana is a new model, in fact she never modelled before this shoot! She was a bit nervous, but she soon got into it, as she actually really liked the hinged handcuffs! Oxana loved playing around with them, and testing her range of motion. She is very interested in shooting more updates, and she lives close to me! So if you are interested in more Oxana, just send me an email!