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August 25th, 2023

Awesome flexible girl Yelena is back again! She is getting into cuffs more and more, and she doesn’t mind me locking her up all the time when she comes over. She was very interested in the S-cuffs, so I decided to show her how they work. Very restrictive! Yelena loves restrictive, especially on her tiny wrists and neck. I think she would be perfect for a 24-hour challenge! All cuffs and no release until the time is up. Yelena could do it! She is also available for custom videos and picture sets if you have any suggestions or ideas for her!

August 18th, 2023

‘What is this?’, said Ivy Red when she found my new Smith & Wesson’s Model 1850 transport restraint combination. ‘Why are the cuffs attached to this chain?’. She is so curious, this fragile young girl. Ivy always goes for the heaviest and shiniest stuff in my studio. Of course, I had to lock her into the combination now, it is her own fault. Ivy thought it was a little scary, but she didn’t ask to be released. She always enjoys her time in restraints and she is slowly learning to be a good submissive. Ivy is available for custom picture sets and videos!!

August 11th, 2023

Tall blonde Nikki is the kindest girl you’ll ever meet. So sweet and innocent. But with some red lipstick, red heels, and red lingerie, her towering height makes her look quite intimidating! Time for some restraints to balance out her dominance! A classic side-waistchain with some steel mitts perhaps? That will make her completely helpless and submissive again. Nikki is so gorgeous!

August 4th, 2023

Denise is back by popular demand! This stunning young submissive from the Netherlands is in very high demand. She gets to film a lot of custom videos and fun member requests, which makes her very happy. Denise is cheerful, blonde, and always eager to try a new challenge or new restraints. This time I fiddled her, and she absolutely loved it! She even took a phone call during this shoot, still fiddled, and after a while I wondered if she realized she was still in this contraption. Denise is a natural bondage talent, everything is so easy with her!