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September 28th, 2012

Aaah Vanessa, she is the Sylvie van der Vaart of handcuff modelling! A stunning beauty, in lingerie, locked in two pairs of Irish 8 snapshut cuffs behind her back, no escape possibilities, even with the key! This is pure excitement, a stunning sexy babe in small lady size Irish 8’s! Vanessa was locked like this for about an hour without complaining, we think she might secretly love some bondage and fetish play ;)

September 21st, 2012

We locked Charlene in a wrist cage, behind her back and in front. Either way, there was no escape for poor Charlene, who got pretty frustrated by such a simple device. Even when we gave her the keys, Charlene could not get out of these ingenious handcuffs! We love wrist cages, so elegant, so devious… Charlene on the other hand was getting less elegant by the minute. Frustration!!

September 14th, 2012

Nowadays, there are some websites that offer you girls in cuffs, but as these copies come and go (some good, some bad), the original still stands after almost 7 years! No other website has this many girls or this many cuffs! And no other website will have this tall Scandinavian super model restrained in hinged cuffs and heavy ankle cuffs, in all poses you can imagine! Beautiful Ingrid loves and we love her! This picture set is probably one of the best ever!

September 7th, 2012

Sweet asian girl Meiying returns to be cuffed in our favorite handcuffs: hinged LIPS and Deutsche Polizei cuffs! Meiying did not want to come back, not really, but she lost a bet with us, obliging her to come back to be restrained for 3 hours in various poses. At first, Meiying was delighted to see that we were only going to be using one pair of cuffs, but soon the handcuffs were multiplying and Meiying bravely accepted the fact that she was not going anywhere that afternoon.