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August 29th, 2008

Time for some older restraints here at GirlsInCuffs! The Bagno wrist vise is a very nice piece of work. It is closed by a large threaded wing nut which is locked by means of a padlock. Inescapable for poor Sjudith, who also shows us that the Bagno can be worn in a number of different ways. Wrists crossed, wrists parallel, behind the back, you name it, Sjudith went through it. Not that she minds though, Sjudith loves modelling cuffs, even when we often leave her in them slightly longer than necessary ;-)

August 22nd, 2008

We still haven’t lost Maaike :-) Which is amazing because she is a fashion runway model in a lot of big fashion shows all over Europe. Maaike still wants to come back for a good cuffing and I’m sure you don’t mind! We put her beautiful hands in the Yuil M-03 handcuffs, wrists crossed behind her back of course, and added the very heavy Chinese leg irons. But later on we decided the Bri-Circle handcuffs would go better with those leg irons… well, she is a fashion model so you have to pay attention to style ;-)

August 15th, 2008

Davon is hot!! Not just to look at, but also very literally. It was a hot day and she’s still sweaty from the exercising she did. No time to shower, straight into the cuffs at the GIC studios! Davon is a tiny girl with very thin wrists, but have we got just the cuffs for her: the American Handcuff Company JN-105 ‘juvenile cuffs’. These handcuffs stop even the hottest tiny girls from escaping! But just to make sure we added some elegant ankle cuffs and a few chains. Davon is here to stay!!

August 8th, 2008

New girl Chantal tests out a pair of new cuffs! The RRB Systems Int Rapid Cuff looks like a pair of speedcuffs, but there’s an important difference: it has a slit for attaching a waistchain. Coincidentally, we happen to have plenty of waist chains, so poor Chantal was soon fully restrained. We added a pair of S&W ankle cuffs, an then we thought of a simpeler solution to restrict Chantal’s movement even more… Great shoot, great new girl, great new pair of cuffs!! Just great!

August 1st, 2008

Lovely Lara is back in a nice summer dress! When she walked in and saw the AHC-N520 handcuffs, she sneered: ‘Those are way too big, I bet both of my wrists will fit into one of those cuffs!’. Well, that’s exactly what we were planning. Minutes later, Lara wished she hadn’t said that, the double cuffs were very restrictive! To make matters worse, we had the same thing planned for her ankles, with the ever-popular AHC L-600 oversized ankle cuffs. Yep, both her ankles in one cuff! Poor Lara!