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February 23rd, 2024

One of my new local models is the super cute Nina Nightbloom! She doesn’t have much experience with bondage and cuffs, but I am determined to change this in the next months! This girl just NEEDS to be cuffed as often as possible! She looks so good in a pair of heavy Clejuso handcuffs and a heavy leather prisoner transport belt! Nina loved every minute of it, and I am sure she will be back for more soon!

February 16th, 2024

This new leather prisoner belt is the best! It is custom made for small girls, and it has a large D-ring on the front. The cuffs are attached to the sides, but without any chain, so it is very restrictive. Marina Gold is one of the tiniest models ever, and the belt looks so good on her! It is her first shoot for this website, and she immediately fell in love with the restraints. She wants to come back and shoot more updates in cuffs! So much enthusiasm! I have to get her back soon!

February 9th, 2024

Latex Rapture is back and she lives up to her name! She is wearing a latex skirt and top, and even latex gloves! It is so tight and shiny! I just needed to add some metal to her outfit. A nice neck cuff and a pair of hinged Alcyon cuffs look really good with her black latex! This redhead is so kinky! She didn’t want me to take off her cuffs at the end of the shoot, so she kept wearing them in the studio for some hours. Lots of fun to have her around!

February 2nd, 2024

Kerry is back! She came in without any restraints on, so I had to quickly add some metal gear to restore her to her natural state: Captured Kerry! She loves bondage and restraints so much, she would probably wear them 24/7 if she could! I love working with her, she is so bubbly and happy. And even happier when she gets cuffed! This high security setup with a waist chain and blue box is really the best for an experienced cuff girl like Kerry, safe and secure! Look at her smile!!