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January 14th, 2011

Another pale skinned beauty this week. Daisy has been on this website before, we have received some requests of her doing a vintage style pinup shoot… in vintage cuffs of course! Well, it doesn’t get more vintage than our old Bagno wrist vise and French thumb screws. With contrasting modern padlocks of course! Some elegant Rivolier leg irons complete this rare sight. A pinup model in cuffs, thank you for the nice request! Oh, and here is a video of Daisy trying to get out of the cuffs… no way!

plus bonus video!

November 28th, 2008

We have some lovely old French cuffs in our collection, so we needed a modern girl to model them for us. Fortunately, Angela stopped by to have some fun and we locked her in some old style leg irons (Rivolier) and a rare pair of La Pegy handcuffs. Aaah French cuffs, so elegant :-) Angela liked them too, because they’re light weight. Next, we put her in some very odd looking French chain cuffs and tightened a pair of old thumb screws on her thumbs. Yes, they are a torture device and now Angela is painfully aware of that fact :-) Don’t worry, no Angelas were hurt during shooting!