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August 27th, 2010

Peaches is our bare feet queen!! She has very nice feet, which has been noticed by a lot of fans out there! That’s reason enough to ask her back for a cute update. Peaches is cuffed by a pair of elegant padlocked Chinese bracelets, her ankles are held close together by a similar pair of ankle bracelets. Toe cuffs are added, of course, as many of our members really like them. Peaches is not going anywhere! We went a little overboard on this set, there are almost 250 pictures! Enjoy!

August 20th, 2010

250 updates! Almost five years of handcuffed girls! And we are not done yet. Why stop when you are having fun :-) The girls still love to come to us and get handcuffed, and most importantly: YOU still seem to love! So let’s celebrate with an update of one of our all-time favorite models: the ever stylish and cheerful Adinda! We cuffed her in many positions using 6 pairs of LIPS and Deutsche Polizei handcuffs! The last position was especially creative, so we thought we’d make that one into an escape video. This will make you smile :-)

plus bonus video!

August 13th, 2010

And another new tall model on! 18 year old Ayslin emailed us several times, reaaaaaally wanting to be a Girl In Cuffs. Why she wanted it so bad she would not say. And we never found out during this photo shoot. We do know, however, that Ayslin looks stunning in Smith & Wesson’s gear. The model 300 handcuffs and model 1900 leg irons are great cuffs to keep this tall girl restrained. Ayslin just loved every minute of it, we will definitely see her back soon!

August 6th, 2010

Welcome Sylvia to! Sylvia is a tall brunette with great hands and beautiful finger nails. But more importantly: she has never been in handcuffs before! We give her a pair of Chinese handcuffs with a very big separation bar. The confused look on Sylvia’s face is great, especially in the stacked behind the back position! She tries to do her best to pose for you, but she gets really distracted, always looking at these strange cuffs. When we give her the key, her confusion reaches new heights. ‘How the hell is this supposed to work’, she asks… A very good question indeed!