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October 27th, 2006

The big heavy ones are back and this time they found their way to Debsterr’s wrists. These are the heaviest handcuffs we have, they really are a good workout if you wear them for a few hours, like Debsterr did. This set is extra large (160 pictures), so you can see in great detail what the cuffs look like and what positions Debsterr did for you! Whether it’s cuffed in front, behind the back, or wrist to ankle, you will notice she never really lifts her arms without supporting them :-)

October 20th, 2006

This week’s update features Monique in her jeans and socks getting locked into some Smith & Wesson’s gear. The model 300 handcuffs are very nice hinged cuffs that are well suited for this kind of ‘arrested’ picture set. We added a pair of model 1900 legirons to put over Monique’s jeans and a waistchain that keeps her hands close to her body! Check out Monique trying to look innocent… :-) She almost succeeds!

October 13th, 2006

Bianca returns!! This time we planned a Yuil session for her, with the great Yuil M-03 rigid handcuffs and the Yuil MY-005 legirons. The handcuffs look like a pair of extended speedcuffs and they have a metal loop in the middle to attach other things to :-) Perfect for a hogtie, as Bianca demonstrates happily for us. But there’s always more with Bianca! This set contains great pictures of her trying all kinds of positions, like rigidcuffed elbows and some very athletic moves! A must see!

October 6th, 2006

How about just using one pair of handcuffs on a girl? We can do that :-) New Girl-in-Cuffs Sjudith was locked in the Polish Kel-Met handcuffs. We have never used these cuffs before, but the look and feel great! Sjudith is cuffed in front, behind her back, wrist to ankle, through her legs and even with both wrists in one cuff!! And as you can see we thought of the bare feet fans out there too! Sjudith will be back to try out a lot more cuffs, she told us!