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July 27th, 2012

Meet Tanya, handcuff loving girl, big eyes, great expressions, not afraid to try anything! A perfect girl for handcuffs modelling! We have her restrained in some nice gear from American Handcuff Company, including big chained cuffs for her elbows! Her positions for the afternoon even included a hogcuffing. Tanya is not going anywhere soon, but she doesn’t mind, she loves being locked in cuffs! Stay tuned for more Tanya updates in the near future!

July 20th, 2012

Here is something that is always a popular member request: a girl cuffed with two pairs of thumbcuffs! And this time it is not just any girl: it is the talented and very very beautiful Melissa! She just has the most perfect little thumbs and toes to take on this challenge, and she is very happy to do this for our website! She is amazed how she can be so immobilized by two very small pieces of metal. Without the keys, she is not going anywhere, and that is exactly what we are hoping for. After all, we want her to stay as long as possible ;-)

July 13th, 2012

Alyssia came back to be cuffed again! This tall beauty is a very sweet girl, elegant and nice to talk to. She loves modelling and handcuffs do not scare her at all. We cuff her beautiful hands in a pair of Hiatt’s hinged handcuffs. Those cuffs are great for slender wrists, and for stacking wrists behind a girl’s back! Her feet are adorned with a pair of heavy Hiatt-Thompson leg irons, to give those towering heels even more elengance! Alyssia looks so hot in cuffs! Perfection!

July 6th, 2012

Tracey is our newest GirlInCuffs! Beautiful smile, tall girl, and slender wrists and ankles! We lock her into the snap shut KUB KB-126 Irish 8 handcuffs, wrists in front and then behind her back (wrists crossed), and she is loving every minute of it (except the minute where her skin got pinched, but hey…)! Then it is off with those boots, so we can lock her beautiful feet in KUB 926 Irish 8 ankle cuffs! Totally helpless, in two quick snaps, you gotta love these cuffs!