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September 24th, 2010

Wow! That’s all we could say when Lizzie emailed us, asking if she could be a Girl In Cuffs too. Lizzie is a professional model, she knows how to pose, how to seduce, how to look her very best in every picture. But still, it was her first time in handcuffs, and posing in restraints is a lot harder than the usual modelling assignment. Lizzie did a phenomenal job! This picture set is so nice we have prepared it for you in extra high resolution, so you can fully enjoy Lizzie’s work and even put her on your desktop ;-)

September 17th, 2010

Dark and mysterious Xiao is back and we have just the thing for her! A pair of KUB model 126! Lady size of course :-) Xiao loves being cuffed, she is emailing to every cuffs website she can find to be a model. In her red outfit and lipstick, she really pops out from the black background in this photo shoot. We decide it’s not enough to have her wrists tightly cuffed, so we add a pair of thumbcuffs, and finally we attach a pair of leg irons to her ankle and arm so Xiao can’t run away. We want to keep her!

September 10th, 2010

Wild woman Sandy returns to! After her first cuffing (ever) in June, she wanted more! We found out she is not easily contained, so we added a lot more cuffs this time. A prison belt with two pairs of hinged handcuffs should be a good start. The heavy Hiatt Thompson model 9000 leg irons should keep those towering metal high heels from kicking us. A connector chain and a pair of thumbcuffs finish this cuffing up nicely. But she is still wild… very wild :-)

September 3rd, 2010

A bikini shoot is a popular request, so we thought we’d invite the lovely Kim back for a beach themed shoot on our obligatory black background. That worked out pretty well, seeing Kim in her bikini and the heaviest Clejuso restraints was a beautiful sight to behold! While Kim is sitting on her towel, playing with a beach ball, it is interesting to see how quickly the human body gets used to these heavy restraints. We like to study her movements in heavy cuffs, if you want to join our studies just get the video clip!

plus bonus video!