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November 26th, 2010

This is amazing! Morgaine emailed us to be a Girl In Cuffs, and when she arrived at the GiC HQ, we immediately noticed her very thin arms. On top of that, Morgaine is super flexible! She is a handcuffer’s dream! We cuffed her tiny wrists in the AHC JN-105 ‘juvenile’ handcuffs. Morgaine just loves being handcuffed, just look at the excitement in her eyes. And then… we just had to try it: we put a regular pair of AHC N-105 handcuffs on her elbows! It’s very rare for a model to be able to do this. And what’s more, there was even flexibility and room to spare, her elbows really can go even tighter together! What can we do to test her next time? Irish 8’s on her elbows maybe? We can not wait to try!

November 19th, 2010

How many things can we do with 3 pairs of handcuffs and 1 Jinny? A lot! We had so much fun this photo shoot, cuffing Jinny to a chair, cuffing her ankles, wrists to ankles, cuffing her wrists parallel and stacked at the same time, cuffing her in a straitjacket position, and generally just putting those 3 pairs of big solid LIPS handcuffs on Jinny. She is a great sport, you would not expect this lady to be into handcuffs as much as she is. Let’s hope she will be back, we can’t wait to try something more extreme!!

November 12th, 2010

This pale skinned British girl has been with us for years now! You would expect her to know that handcuffs and leg irons are inescapable, but the funny thing about Ailish is that she always keep trying. All the time. She just doesn’t stop. And at the end of each photo shoot she is wondering why her wrists and ankles are all red and marked… Oh well, we have just stopped explaining, she likes to struggle against metal bonds! By the way, check out her towering high heels, they look great with leg irons!

November 5th, 2010

Hot high heeled babe Vanessa is new to, but she does have quite some bondage experience. She is not afraid of anything, and she is determined to keep looking good, even in the most unlikely devices and positions. Vanessa has a killer smile, which slowly disappears when we put her into a snug fitting RigidFiddle. We have put models in RigidFiddles before, but we have never suspended the fiddle from a ceiling chain. Varying the length of the chain we can make Vanessa sit, kneel, or stand. Putting the keys on the floor, just out of her reach, is just pure frustrated beauty!!