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July 26th, 2019

The beautiful Arabella from the UK makes her first appearance on today! She was wearing this nice red dress which we thought would look great with a pair of heavy custom made manacles! The chain is welded on, and the cuffs are quite heavy. They lock with a big pin and a padlock, so there is no way Arabella can take them off. But don’t worry, Arabella loved these cuffs, they are heavy but nice and wide so they are comfortable. Arabella will definitely be back for more cuff shoots soon!

July 19th, 2019

Tall playmate Alisa is back! She is not allowed by her modelling agency to do this kind of shoots, so obviously Alisa is not her real name, but she enjoyed her fiddle shoot so much, she wanted to come back for more cuff pictures! In stunning green lingerie and high heels, Alisa is very tall and impressively gorgeous. Today, she is secured in a tight black leather prisoner transport belt, with her handcuffs attached in front. A pair of leg irons is locked on her ankles. Alisa said she loved the helpless feeling, and she wants to come back for even more shoots! We are already taking member requests for her next visit!

July 12th, 2019

Tiny Bethany is back! But this time, she wanted to pose in lingerie! A big step for her. She took off her clothes and her adorable black and white underwear, as well as some impressive tattoos we did not expect from this cute girl! Maybe she is not so innocent after all! Well, she was still cute, because she choose the pink cuffs (of course) for today’s bondage positions. Bethany ended up in a hogcuff, and she had tons of fun shooting! She might be getting addicted to handcuff photo shoots!

July 5th, 2019

This beautiful German girl is so fierce! Muriel has gorgeous red dreadlocks, like a lioness! She needs to be tamed and restrained, and trust us, she loves bondage. Muriel is one of the main models of the annual BoundCon event in Munich, doing many performances in rope bondage, so she is very experienced. She looks awesome in this RigidFiddle model ‘8’. Not a Chinese copy, but a real original Martin’s RigidFiddle. Don’t miss this picture set of sexy Muriel, who finds out that metal is a lot less forgiving than rope!