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November 28th, 2008

We have some lovely old French cuffs in our collection, so we needed a modern girl to model them for us. Fortunately, Angela stopped by to have some fun and we locked her in some old style leg irons (Rivolier) and a rare pair of La Pegy handcuffs. Aaah French cuffs, so elegant :-) Angela liked them too, because they’re light weight. Next, we put her in some very odd looking French chain cuffs and tightened a pair of old thumb screws on her thumbs. Yes, they are a torture device and now Angela is painfully aware of that fact :-) Don’t worry, no Angelas were hurt during shooting!

November 21st, 2008

Girlfriends Daniela and Desi return to GirlsInCuffs to play with our handcuff collection some more! Straight away, Daniela locks Desi in a VERY awkward position, using the Chinese spreader bar handcuffs in a very creative way. Desi didn’t think that was fair, so she demands equal cuffing for both of them. Well, how about two waist chains and leg irons? The girls loved them, even suggesting waist chains should be next summer’s fashion trend! But they are not getting away with just being waist chained, we decided to finish the shoot with a double hogcuffing! Daniela and Desi had a great time, and so did we!!

November 14th, 2008

This week, new girl Adinda tries out the latest addition to our collection: an exclusive wrist cage!! This beautiful piece of craftsmanship is complicated and yet so simple at the same time. It looks escapable but it isn’t (at least not without the key). And it’s elegant… just like Adinda, modelling the cage in a classy dress and necklace. Don’t forget to check out the bonus video to see if Adinda can free herself!

plus bonus video!

November 7th, 2008

People always say: ‘you guys have a great job’. But it has downsides too. For example: at the end of each shoot you have to release the models. This week, that was particularly hard! See for yourself: poor little Davon in a RigidFiddle model ‘oo’, with some added chains to keep her from standing up. Absolutely no hope of escape, and great modelling by Davon. Hot!