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July 19th, 2024

Yelena is so cuffable! Every time she comes to the studio, I try to find some new and unique items for her. This time, I have a new prisoner belt and it is insane! It is the biggest prisoner transport belt you have ever seen, yet it fits Yelena’s small waist. Also new are these gold Peerless handcuffs, which were immediately Yelena’s new favorites. She loves gold, and she is wearing TWO gold watches to prove her point! Don’t miss this set if you are into small waisted girls in huge prison belts wearing gold watches! I know… that’s very specific, but I am sure many members will love this set!

July 12th, 2024

This new girl was very nervous, but she definitely wanted to try some cuffs in a photo shoot. Marry had never been cuffed before this shoot, so it is a first for her! I locked her into a pair of Hiatt’s model #2060 extended handcuffs, I haven’t used these for a while! They are so good for new models, giving them a bit more space, but when they get stacked, they are not as comfortable. Marry did great! I don’t know if she will be back, but she said it was a really fun experience for her. Do you want to be cuffed? Just apply as a model, and who knows… we may see you here next!

July 5th, 2024

Little Lanta brought her orange dress because it was ‘prison style’ according to her. I went with it, and added some orange handcuffs, orange leg irons, and orange mitts to complete her outfit. Of course, being Little Lanta, she took these restraints to a completely new level with her flexibility and bubbly personality. She is so cute! Lanta can get into positions no one else can do, even in orange restraints!