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October 31st, 2008

Paris is back to try on some Hiatts restraints! We let her play with the Hiatts 2060 first, in front and behind her back. The elongated cuffs are very awkward in a wrists-crossed position, but Paris is modelling them as if it’s a beauty contest! Next, we applied the Hiatts 5000 legirons to her elbows, followed by a sitting position where we added the popular Hiatts 2050 and put the Hiatts 5000 on her ankles. Paris loves modelling cuffs for us, and we love seeing her in cuffs, a perfect deal :-)

October 24th, 2008

Burlesque girl Sky is a wild one! So we needed a complete range of cuffs to keep her down. Picking the American Handcuff Company restraints for this update allowed us to handcuff, ankle cuff and neck cuff the lovely lady in red, taming her and bringing her down to the ground from her towering heels. Sky loves modelling for fetish website and we love working with her! We will be seeing more of her soon, let’s hope she brings something equally exciting from her impressive wardrobe :)

October 17th, 2008

English girl Amy came over to Holland to try out some of our cuffs! We immediately thought of a nice Darby style cuffing for her. Amy commented that she should be able to get out of them, since both her and the cuffs are English. Interesting theory, but it might not work that way. Without the keys, Amy is totally helpless, struggling with her wrists cuffed to her neck cuff. And even using the keys, finding out how they operate and which key fits which cuffs is a bit of a challenge, as you can see in the great bonus video for this update!

plus bonus video!

October 10th, 2008

Apparently, something about 6 pairs of handcuffs is insanely funny to Danielle and Suzanne. At the end of the shoot, these sisters were completely exhausted from laughing till they cried. It’s great to see models have so much fun in handcuffs! There are a lot of member favorites in this update: 2 models, a lot of fun, Lips / Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, sneakers, bare feet, hugging, and much more! Definitely worth checking out all 123 pictures!!

October 3rd, 2008

Bare feet, a recurring member request. So especially for all bare feet fans: this week’s update features Mayke and her beautiful feet (and hands, and face, and well… everything else). Mayke is new, so we started easy by putting her into the Yuil M-03 handcuffs in front, quickly followed by a wrists-crossed behind the back cuffing. For some great feet shots we locked her ankles in the very heavy Bri-Circle ankle cuffs and put her wrist in the matching Bri-Circle handcuffs. A truely stunning set, we hope you like it! We know Mayke did, she said she will definitely be back for more!!