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Q: Where is the member section?

A: There is no member section anymore, members can download every update straight from the Updates Page!

Q: Do you offer video clips?

A: is primarily a picture website, but we do feature occassional bonus video clips. If there is a video clip, you will see the ‘plus bonus video!’ text below the pictures. It is included in the zipfile, so the download may be large.

Q: I want to buy a specific picture set without joining, how can I do that?

A: Please click the Paypal cart button below your favorite update to order an individual update and pay by Paypal. You can add several items to your cart before checking out.

Q: Can you do a custom shoot for me?

A: We would love to! Just tell us your fantasy, pick a model from the Girls page, pick some cuffs from the Cuffs page and write us an email specifying what you would like to see (poses, outfits)! We will inform you about the price and possibilities, there are huge discounts if you let us use your shoot as a website update.

Q: I forgot my password! Can you help me?

A: If you joined by Inet-Cash (credit card or bank): click here. If you joined by Paypal, please email us.

Q: How do I change / cancel my subscription?

A: Noooooooo, don’t cancel! :-) Okay, if you really want to leave us, please click here to alter your subscription details or cancel your subscription.

Q: I want to be a girl in cuffs too! Can I model for you?

A: Yes, why not :-) We’ll even pay you for it. Do bear in mind we’re located in The Netherlands though, you might have to travel far! Send us your picture and we’ll get back to you!

Q: Where is GIC001?

A: This update was removed at the model’s request, it is no longer available.