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October 20th, 2023

Beautiful River is back! Today, she will be locked in some gear from River already did some shoots for that website, and she thought everything was very heavy and cold, so I need to give her a bit more training in the heavy gear, just so she gets used to it. Because I want to make River a resident model for custom videos and picture sets! She needs to get used to being locked in heavy steel all the time.

4 Responses to “937”

  1. Garrett said on October 20th, 2023:

    Would love to see River wearing an MK watch and love bracelets like what you have done with Aubrey in the past!

    • admin said on October 20th, 2023:

      I did a lot of shoots with River wearing an MK watch. Not with bracelets yet though.

  2. Garrett said on October 20th, 2023:

    I would love to see them!

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