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October 12th, 2012

Fair maiden Gatitta is back for some more hogcuffing. We hogcuffed her last time, but we figured we could do that again, since she looks so cute in this position! And this time it is a lot harder for her, because we use two pairs of Alcyon hinged handcuffs, one on her wrists and one on her bare ankles. That is tight! We love how Gatitta’s feet look in this large picture set, a really nice set for bare feet and sole lovers! Locked together by a pair of Russian BRS cuffs, the Alcyons make for a pretty effective hogcuffing!

March 23rd, 2012

Kardelia is back and she brought her friend Miras to join her in the cuffing fun! We give them both a pair of Alcyon handcuffs and a pair of thumbcuffs. Soon, the crazyness starts and this duo starts to think of all kinds of wacky poses and positions, a big mess of tangled bodies and handcuffs. But then the dominant side of Miras starts to show (or rather the submissive side of Kardelia): still handcuffed, Miras manages to secure Kardelia in a hogcuff position by locking BRS handcuffs on her ankles and attaching them to the Alcyon handcuffs with the thumbcuffs. Very clever!

December 23rd, 2011

For the 7th year in a row it’s Christmas cuffing time at! Remember the previous years? Just search for ‘christmas’ or click here to view them again! This year, the honor of being the Xmas-Girl-In-Cuffs is for new model Kardelia. We tried to turn her into a present! Two pairs of handcuffs hogcuffing her, connecting her big toes with a pair of thumbcuffs, ready for you to unwrap and enjoy! Merry Christmas!