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April 2nd, 2021

Russian super babe Katia is back already! We thought she would never do any handcuff modelling again, it is not the kind of modelling she usually does! While she looked amazing last time, this time she let her hair down and wow is she stunning! Katia is very slender, with a small neck size and tiny wrists and ankles, it was the perfect opportunity to lock her into our super small 40mm tall SM-Factory collar! It fit her so well! We locked her in a Peerless combination to keep her restrained during the shoot, it was just so perfect we had a hard time letting her go. But she will probably be back for more, we feel like this ice queen is slowly melting for some handcuff modelling!

4 Responses to “804”

  1. Ken said on April 2nd, 2021:

    Katia back in handcuffs and a BIG wristwatch again!! Fantastic! More like this please. Do you know what type of watch Katia was wearing for this shoot?

  2. Ken said on April 2nd, 2021:

    Katia wearing another HUGE metal wrstwatch with handcuffs again! You’re really spoiling us! Do you know what type of watch it is?

  3. Eve said on April 4th, 2021:

    That is amazing Katia !

    We all love this watch ! i wish all model have big watch like this !

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