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January 12th, 2018

Lizzie Bayliss is back for more! This time, we cuffed her in a pair of Alcyon handcuffs. They have a strange connector between them, it’s like a hybrid between chain and hinged cuffs. Very odd. It makes movement a bit more limited and the cuffs themselves are nice and round. They can be adjusted to small wrists, so they are perfect for cute girls like Lizzie. Of course, we had to hogcuff her, because last time we did not do that. Lizzie is so pretty in restraints! Don’t miss this great update!

One Response to “636”

  1. Mariusz said on January 24th, 2018:

    I like these cuffs, this because of the connector itself which is presumably as such so you can’t easily attack the connector with boltcutters. She looked gorgeous even before you cuffed her but I have to admit that, all securely cuffed like that, she looks 10 times better!

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