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September 8th, 2017

The amazing Cassie is back! This tall blonde can do things no one can do! Check out her amazing elbows-together-palms-out set if you haven’t done so already! You have never seen a flexible girl like this before. Such long arms, such ease and grace in elbow bondage! Cassie is one of a kind. And she proves it yet again today when we tightly lock her arms together in chalet cuffs. We literally use a nut and bolt to secure her arms in place, just below her elbows. It is such a tight secure fit, Cassie is immediately helpless. Of course, we add the familiar Bagno arm screw and a pair of Irish 8 too, for good measure. This is the most secure and the tightest elbow cuff bondage you have ever seen. Ropes may be nice, but this is awesome!

3 Responses to “618”

  1. maschu said on December 23rd, 2017:

    One of the most beautiful models ever. Admin is right: Cassie is one of a kind

    • admin said on December 23rd, 2017:

      A little secret: Cassie is available for custom shoots (video too), just email me to get your own exclusive shoot with Cassie! Remember to make it very hard, because she is an escape artist. Email

  2. maschu said on December 24th, 2017:

    Hello webmaster

    thanks for the tip. I already have an idea.
    Everyone knows that Cassie brings her elbows together easily.
    I would like to do it differently. Hold their arms apart with RigidStock TL.
    (I hope she have just as much fun as Candy in gic331 :-))
    Additionally I would like to see her feet in Kub 926 Irish 8 ankle cuffs.
    As an outfit I wish she was dressed in underwear.
    I would also be happy if she lies down on her back,
    and laterally and on the stomach.
    As a high point, a video, that was great.
    Would be nice if that was possible.

    best regards

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