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January 6th, 2017

The KUB S-8 cuffs are great in combination with a darby style collar! We used this combination before, so we know there is absolutely no escape! The beautiful Davon Kim has been with us for years, but she was never in a predicament like this. She has to keep her hands up if she doesn’t want to pull on the chain. She doesn’t like the weight on her neck, so she is struggling to keep her wrists high. But muscles get tired and gravity is not helping…

4 Responses to “583”

  1. . said on January 7th, 2017:

    hey at least she is out of chastity and that situation

  2. Michael said on January 13th, 2017:

    Fortunately for US, Davon is locked in a sexy chastity belt. She needs a chastity belt for freedom. Quite the paradox.

  3. . said on January 16th, 2017:

    I really hate Davon and her chastity situation. It is just wrong

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