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July 24th, 2015

Beautiful bondage legend Cobie from Australia joins the ranks of models! She is legendary for her tight elbow ties, due to her super flexible arms and shoulders! We had to test this! We locked the shortest hinged cuffs on her elbows, no problem for Cobie! Not only is she a true tight bondage lover, she is also an incredibly nice person and a delight to shoot with! What a shame she lives all the way on the other side of the world! Let’s hope she will make it back to soon!

2 Responses to “507”

  1. SP said on July 24th, 2015:

    I really hope you were able to film her for Chastitybabes or Metalbondage while she was visiting. :)

  2. Michael said on August 3rd, 2015:

    A super nice girl who loves wearing handcuffs and is flexible? What a gem you have. Irish 8 handcuffs are the most comfortable and secure of all the handcuffs on the market. When in doubt use the Irish 8 handcuffs. There is no escape!

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