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February 20th, 2015

Awesome dance girl Alina does have that body to die for! Her abs, her butt… incredible! We just wanted to make sure she was nice and secure, because she is a powerful tiny lady! The heavy Chinese manacles (available here) are just the thing for our dynamic girl! They are very elegant too, smooth metal without any visible lock, perfect for our Alina! Don’t forget the other cute and awesome Alina updates here!!

One Response to “485”

  1. Savage said on January 14th, 2022:

    Amazing beauty! Irresistible in her underwear. You should definitely download this set of photos! Pay attention to the photos from 72 to 77 when Alina is on her knees and her hands are shackled behind her back, she bends so beautifully as if a whip is whistling over her and is about to hit her on the back! I love this set!!!

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