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June 6th, 2014

Emily is a pretty little princess from India! Her love for bangles and gold jewelry brought her to, as she felt the need for a little more permanent jewelry! She is actually wearing a golden slave collar, so something tells us she is hiding a lot of secret desires! We locked her into simple Peerless cuffs and hogcuffed her arms to her awesome leather boots. This is a girl who was born to be in cuffs, let’s hope we get to see a lot more of her!!

2 Responses to “448”

  1. David said on June 7th, 2014:

    I like how you kept this update nice and simple really. A truly sweet girl who, as you pointed out, was born to be in cuffs like so many other hot girls. If I am to judge from the look on her eyes, wearing all this “permanent” jewellery and especially in a hogcuffed position is something she definitely likes! I think this girl is more into the strict fashion jewellery than just bangles and bracelets!

  2. Michael Anthony said on February 18th, 2018:

    Emily needs to come back and wearing a bikini and be hogcuffed

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