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January 3rd, 2014

Cute little ballet dancer Alina joins us to showcase our large handcuffs collection! This flexible girl seems like the perfect candidate to try one of the hardest poses in the rigid Chinese bar handcuffs! These cuffs are basically a set of rigid handcuffs with a long flat metal bar welded between them, they’re unique! We let Alina have some fun with them before cuffing her in the classic (very hard) pose: one hand behind the back, one hand behind the head! Alina is a natural!

2 Responses to “426”

  1. Savage said on January 14th, 2022:

    Amazing beauty! Irresistible in her underwear. You should definitely download this set of photos! Pay attention to the photos from 72 to 77 when Alina is on her knees and her hands are shackled behind her back, she bends so beautifully as if a whip is whistling over her and is about to hit her on the back! I love this set!!!

  2. Savage said on January 14th, 2022:

    Sorry, I’m talking about a set of photos #485

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