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October 25th, 2013

We get a lot of requests for updates with the Wrist Cage! It’s probably because the unique crossed-wrists position looks so elegant on girls! Here’s the famous Satin Bloom posing for you in these inescapable cuffs and a pair of great leg irons! She is locked in the wrist cage with her arms in front, and then with her arms behind her back. It is a perfect fit for her! To answer your question: you can buy a wrist cage here (in male and female sizes).

2 Responses to “416”

  1. Marios said on October 29th, 2013:

    Who needs a male size of these? The wrist cage is a women’s accessory! And you cannot go wrong with a hot lady, elegantly dressed and locked in this wrist cage!!!

  2. Matt said on October 15th, 2014:

    Amanda i like your cuffs on you come over please

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