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August 17th, 2012

The RigidSpreader always makes a lovely update, because the model will go from happy to very frustrated in about 120 pictures. With Esmee, her beautiful smile is a sight to behold when her ankles and wrists are locked in the spreader, the padlocks on the side facing away from her hands. She is playing around in this very restrictive position, rolling onto her back, and laughing. But then we give her the keys and tell her we will not be helping her. Watch her smile disappear as she struggles for the best part of an hour to unlock this hellish device. In the end, Esmee is not happy… and still stuck…

May 11th, 2012

Esmee is back and again it was a very long shoot! She is so easy going in handcuffs, that it seems strange to see her uncuffed. Even Esmee herself told us that she wants to challenge herself to spend more time in cuffs. Members seemed to love everything about her last time, especially her huge watch! This time we locked Esmee in a pair of Hiatt’s 2050 handcuffs and Hiatt Thomspon leg irons, in all the standard poses! Great set, don’t miss this one!

January 20th, 2012

Another new girl: the always cheerful Esmee! This pretty Dutch girl is just so happy, she smiles through everything. Models like Esmee inspire us to leave girls in difficult poses for longer times, since they love being cuffed so much. Esmee is introduced to our favorite brands: LIPS and Deutsche Polizei. This was a long shoot, especially the hogcuff part, because we just couldn’t stop shooting this huge smile! No need to release them when they don’t ask for it ;-)