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August 31st, 2012

Gretchen is everything we want in a model! Young girl, wide blue eyes, blonde hair, willing to explore the possibilities of posing in handcuffs! Sweet Gretchen is amazed by the super heavy weight of the model 15 Clejuso handcuffs, but she is curious and decides to go ahead with the shoot. We locked the cuffs tightly over her sweater, like some members requested, and try out many different poses with this very photogenic girl!

March 30th, 2012

New girl Gretchen is up for a American Handcuff Company update! We tightly cuff her jeans with a pair of L-100 leg irons, while her wrists gets cuffed by a pair of N-100 handcuffs! Gretchen is having a lot of fun in these metal restraints, until we start cuffing her elbows with the big N-520 cuffs. Elbows and wrist cuffed behind your back is a strange position if you are not used to it. Gretchen tries to move her arms around her body to the front, but she is completely stuck. When we switch the elbow cuffs to the front and give her the key, she finds out her forearms are too long to reach the keyhole and putting the key in her mouth doesn’t help either!