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July 22nd, 2011

The beautiful Claudia returns to! Her first shoot was one of the most popular updates ever on this website and now she is back for more! Claudia loves to have fun photo shoots instead of those boring glamour fashion jobs, she really enjoys shooting for us because it is so different! And different it is, with this gorgeous redhead locked in a range of American Handcuff Company restraints, hinged, juvenile, ankle, you name it! Claudia just loves it all and it shows!

November 12th, 2010

This pale skinned British girl has been with us for years now! You would expect her to know that handcuffs and leg irons are inescapable, but the funny thing about Ailish is that she always keep trying. All the time. She just doesn’t stop. And at the end of each photo shoot she is wondering why her wrists and ankles are all red and marked… Oh well, we have just stopped explaining, she likes to struggle against metal bonds! By the way, check out her towering high heels, they look great with leg irons!

March 20th, 2009

Burlesque dancer Daisy is another girl who wrote us to ask if she could be on GirlsInCuffs. Who would have thought -a few years ago when we started this website- models would be contacting US to be cuffed! Daisy turned out to be a pleasure to work with, a creative model with her own style and ideas. She is also the fastest model ever in a hinged cuff escape challenge. Wrists in front (keyholes facing the wrong side) or behind her back (stacked), both positions take her only 30 seconds to escape!!

plus bonus video!