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January 30th, 2009

This week, new girl Tamara is testing out our Clejuso high security range of restraints. Although they are a bit big for female wrists, the cuffs are still very challenging to escape from. Tamara loved the weight and feel of the cuffs, and listened very closely as we explained the difference between hinged and chain handcuffs. Will she get out of both versions? See for yourself in the video!

plus bonus video!

July 21st, 2006

New girl Debsterr is happy to fulfill a member’s request: high security cuffs! The Clejuso 102 handcuffs and Clejuso 103 handcuffs have non-standard keys and a cylinder lock. Used only to transport the most dangerous of prisoners… and Debsterr of course, she’s not going anywhere in these :-) This large picture set has some nice close-ups of the cuffs being used in front, behind the back and many pictures of the legirons on Debsterr’s elbows!