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August 7th, 2009

New models keep surprising us. Jinny is a girl you would never expect to see in cuffs, and you probably will not believe that she likes being cuffed! We started off carefully, a pair of hinged AHC N-500 on her wrists and (for fun) a pair of N-200 on her ankles. The short chain of the N-200 looks great on Jinny’s ankles! Jinny loved the short stride! We progress to a waist chain, and Jinny gets into the spirit, she even asks for the N-200 to be put on her elbows, a very restrictive combination for a first timer!

January 16th, 2009

Fair skinned Litha is still with us in 2009! We put her in a tight waistchain (the American Handcuff Company model BC-01) and legirons (AHC L-100). We were planning an escape challenge, but we realised how good Litha is at escaping. We needed something extra to make it more difficult, so we added a pair of Tubes. These are only used on high risk prisoners, to prevent them hurting themselves or others. Litha still tried to escape, even grabbing the keys with her toes. Very impressive!