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October 31st, 2008

Paris is back to try on some Hiatts restraints! We let her play with the Hiatts 2060 first, in front and behind her back. The elongated cuffs are very awkward in a wrists-crossed position, but Paris is modelling them as if it’s a beauty contest! Next, we applied the Hiatts 5000 legirons to her elbows, followed by a sitting position where we added the popular Hiatts 2050 and put the Hiatts 5000 on her ankles. Paris loves modelling cuffs for us, and we love seeing her in cuffs, a perfect deal :-)

May 23rd, 2008

Beautiful Paris stopped by for a member request: restraining a girl in a waistchain AND handcuffs. We added some thumbcuffs too. Overkill? Noooo, not at all! The waistchain keeps the arms nice and close to the body and the handcuffs add some extra restrictiveness. It stopped Paris from modelling the waistchain and legirons like it were fashion items (like in the bottom left preview picture). Of course, we all hope that they WILL become fashion items one day, but until then… we’ll always have Paris :-)

December 28th, 2007

The last update of 2007… with another fresh face! Paris is a student who emailed us to become a Girl in Cuffs. Well, she insisted :) We cuffed her in the very light but secure Ralkem 9930 combination, so she could experience being handcuffed and leg ironed at the same time. After some playing around with the combination, to determine her range of motion, Paris said she wasn’t feeling too restricted at all. Well, that did it, we added the Ralkem prison belt to the combination, behind her back! Still a happy girl, Paris wants to come back now and try some of our other stuff! Nice!!