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April 8th, 2011

Is it wrong to put an Asian girl in Asian cuffs? We were kind of worried about this, but our new model Asian Angel told us not to worry about it. She loved to be locked in the cuffs of her home continent! She is a very small girl and these Asian cuffs seem to be made for small people. The heavy cast iron Chinese leg irons look great on her small bare feet. Yes, Asian Angel even seemed proud to wear these restraints, and she should be! She looks great in these cuffs!

December 11th, 2009

It’s well known Asian model Davon Kim again! We convinced her to return to the head quarters for another shoot since we realised we had not cuffed her in Asian cuffs yet. Davon was really curious about them, wondering if they would fit her better than Western cuffs, since she has very tiny ankles and wrists. Well, see for yourself! These Bri-Circle handcuffs and Chinese leg irons sure look good on Davon, but then again, anything looks good on her! :-)

October 3rd, 2008

Bare feet, a recurring member request. So especially for all bare feet fans: this week’s update features Mayke and her beautiful feet (and hands, and face, and well… everything else). Mayke is new, so we started easy by putting her into the Yuil M-03 handcuffs in front, quickly followed by a wrists-crossed behind the back cuffing. For some great feet shots we locked her ankles in the very heavy Bri-Circle ankle cuffs and put her wrist in the matching Bri-Circle handcuffs. A truely stunning set, we hope you like it! We know Mayke did, she said she will definitely be back for more!!

August 22nd, 2008

We still haven’t lost Maaike :-) Which is amazing because she is a fashion runway model in a lot of big fashion shows all over Europe. Maaike still wants to come back for a good cuffing and I’m sure you don’t mind! We put her beautiful hands in the Yuil M-03 handcuffs, wrists crossed behind her back of course, and added the very heavy Chinese leg irons. But later on we decided the Bri-Circle handcuffs would go better with those leg irons… well, she is a fashion model so you have to pay attention to style ;-)

June 20th, 2008

Hard bodied Alecia visited us again this week!! Such grace and seduction can only be met with the finest selection of steel. We put her in the Bri-Circle SK-200 handcuffs and the very very heavy Chinese legirons. Alecia posed for our camera like she did not even feel her restraints, she’s a natural Girl In Cuffs!! Sadly, it might be the last time Alecia will model for us, so enjoy this update… or send her an email to convince her to come back :-)

September 28th, 2007

This week we present to you a new girl in cuffs: Sammie! And what better way to get her used to the cuffs than to put her into the very very heavy Chinese legirons… Sammie likes to move around (much more than any of our other girls), as you will see when you download the picture set (over 120 pics!). She really can pose, and the cuffs do not seem to stop her from doing all kinds of crazy things. Next time we will have to use some more cuffs ;-)

December 1st, 2006

Cerridwen is back :-) She brought another hot outfit to bring out her exotic looks, but we thought some exotic cuffs would help her look even hotter! What about the Bri-Circle SK-200 on Cerridwen’s wrists and the very very heavy Chinese legirons on her ankles… And if that’s not enough, we put her in the large Yuil M-03 handcuffs to put some more distance between her black-nailed hands.
Why? Just because it looks good :-)

February 3rd, 2006

This week, our update is all about lovely Anouk again! In this picture set, Anouk tries on some of our more exotic cuffs. A pair of Bri-Circle SK-200 looks great on her slender wrists and the round black Chinese legirons look like they were made for Anouk’s bare ankles! The Chinese legirons are very heavy and they were really weighing down on her ankles by the end of the shoot. Anouk’s outfit and oriental tattoos are a perfect match for the exotic cuffs! This picture set consists of 150 pictures!