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September 19th, 2008

The lovely Mascha has done a lot of modelling lately: video clips, newspapers, fashion catalogs, you name it. Her big blue eyes and very long hair make her a very popular model, and she’s great fun to work with! She still likes to come over to GiC and get shackled up once in a while, and we thanked her for that by putting her in the Smith & Wesson’s 100 handcuffs and 1900 legirons, a waistchain and a bluebox. A big padlock finished off this fashion combination. The only thing that annoyed Mascha is that she could not wipe her hair from her eyes during posing… oh well… we’ll live with that :-)

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  1. Richard P said on May 19th, 2023:

    The model name (Mascha, according to the text) is missing from the title of GIC150.

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