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May 16th, 2008

Aaah, our favorite handcuffs and some of our favorite restraining positions. But who to invite back? We did not have to think for long, since Mascha practically invited herself back to do another shoot with us! Who could say no to cuffing this long-haired, big-eyed fashion model? Especially hogcuffing her, which made for some very similar pictures since she could not move much at all. And then there’s the famous El Marino position (wrist-ankle-ankle-wrist) and giving Mascha the key *evil grin*. Great fun!!

February 1st, 2008

A new model this week: beautiful Mascha joins GirlsInCuffs!! Mascha has very long hair and big dreamy eyes. So we immediately brought out some high security prison gear to restrain her, because we didn’t want to waste any time. Any time Mascha spends uncuffed is a waste of time ;-) We used the Peerless 510 high security handcuffs for the first time on this website, along with a genuine prison belt, a connector chain and the Peerless 303 legirons. Mascha is a real treat to work with, we hope to see her back soon!!