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June 26th, 2009

Chantal is a beautiful model and a very sweet girl. You would never expect she could struggle so hard. When she is handcuffed, she tries and tries to get out of them. She just keeps trying, even if marks appear on her wrists from her futile struggles. Cuffing her in the S&W model 94 handcuffs behind her back, Chantal immediately tries to get her hands in front of her. So we had to put her in a waist chain and leg irons. It still doesn’t kill her fighting spirit… it’s metal Chantal, you can’t win! :-)

December 5th, 2008

Chantal is Angela’s sister, who heard of her sibling’s modelling career in cuffs. She was brave enough to come along and watch her sister get cuffed, telling us she was just there for moral support. But, as this is Chantal’s second shoot already for GirlsInCuffs, it turns out she was interested in more than just supporting her sister! Chantal showed up in her cycling gear, so we thought that would make a great update. Helmet, cycling shoes, and cycling pants, combined with some gear of our own: a pair of Hiatt’s 2050 to begin with, then followed by the KUB Irish 8 ladies size and Clejuso darby ankle cuffs! Lovely!

August 8th, 2008

New girl Chantal tests out a pair of new cuffs! The RRB Systems Int Rapid Cuff looks like a pair of speedcuffs, but there’s an important difference: it has a slit for attaching a waistchain. Coincidentally, we happen to have plenty of waist chains, so poor Chantal was soon fully restrained. We added a pair of S&W ankle cuffs, an then we thought of a simpeler solution to restrict Chantal’s movement even more… Great shoot, great new girl, great new pair of cuffs!! Just great!