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May 20th, 2022

Naomi Denise is a local girl who loves to dance. She is also very competitive and she likes challenges! We have cuffed her a few times before, but we haven’t hogcuffed her yet. Let’s do that, to see how flexible she is! A pair of heavy Clejuso cuffs makes it more interesting. And of course, we need ankle cuffs too. What about the heavy Clejuso number 8 leg irons! That would make a great combination! Naomi Denise loved all of the weight, she tried to arch her back as much as possible. She is available for custom videos too, if you have a challenge for her!

September 3rd, 2010

A bikini shoot is a popular request, so we thought we’d invite the lovely Kim back for a beach themed shoot on our obligatory black background. That worked out pretty well, seeing Kim in her bikini and the heaviest Clejuso restraints was a beautiful sight to behold! While Kim is sitting on her towel, playing with a beach ball, it is interesting to see how quickly the human body gets used to these heavy restraints. We like to study her movements in heavy cuffs, if you want to join our studies just get the video clip!

plus bonus video!

December 25th, 2009

Merry times here at the studios! We have presents, a sled, and yes… we even have snow!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and as always we have a Christmas Girl in Cuffs! Our new model Charlie has had her wrists and ankles wrapped in presents from German manufacturer Clejuso. Quite impressive cuffing for a first time model, but Charlie is in a happy silly Xmas spirit, as you can see in this merry picture set! We wish everyone a very nice Christmas time and a happy New Year! We will see you in 2010, a new year full of Girls in Cuffs!

December 4th, 2009

Let’s go Hollywood with Jinny! These great Clejuso cuffs go really well with a 50’s style gangster look! Jinny puts up a great struggle against the very heavy Clejuso handcuffs, but of course she can not get out of them. Her slender high heeled legs are restrained by the huge Clejuso model 8 leg irons, which will stop anyone from running or even walking very far. Jinny had lots of fun modelling! Want to become a model too? And get paid for having fun? Don’t hesitate to write us an email!

February 20th, 2009 veteran model Alecia is back! Many members wondered if there would ever be any new updates featuring the fair-skinned sultry girl. Well, we can tell you: they always come back! We don’t even have to call them :) Alecia showed up and wanted to model in ‘something elegant’. Instead, we choose the heaviest pair of cuffs we could find (the Clejuso model 15 of course) and challenged her to make this shoot elegant. Amazingly, she did… weighed down by 1.5 kilos of cuffs on her wrists and the very heavy Clejuso model 8 legirons she still managed to be good old sweet Alecia!

December 26th, 2008

It’s winter over here. Everyone knows you should wear lots of clothing in the winter to keep warm. Cathy knew that. But she didn’t know that girls also need to wear lots of cuffs in the winter. So we told her. And she did. Cathy is restrained in three pairs of handcuffs and four pairs of legirons! It took her a long time to unlock them all after the shoot, because she had to use many different keys. And we didn’t help (instead we kept shooting pictures). Cathy wasn’t mad at us: she wants to come back for more!

July 11th, 2008

Yet another new model at! Cathy has a very pretty face and nice long hair. She told us she had never touched handcuffs before, so she was a bit shy at first. Posing in handcuffs and legirons can be a little scary, especially when your first cuffs ever are Clejuso’s! The weight of these cuffs is very impressive, even though we only used the Clejuso model 13 handcuffs. We think Cathy did really well for her first time!! She will be back!

May 2nd, 2008

We found some more handcuffs we never used in a shoot before: the nice and round Clejuso 12R and 19R! Greek beauty Elli was more than willing to help us fill that void. She showed up in a very nice red dress and leather boots, so we had to use a pair of matching legirons to go with that! We had lots of fun, and we will definitely see more of Elli (and Clejuso of course). Any requests for Elli’s next set?

January 11th, 2008

This Friday, we are proud to feature yet another set with the lovely Maaike! Time for some Clejuso on this big-eyed, long-legged fashion model. We cuffed Maaike in the Clejuso no 13 medium weight handcuffs and Clejuso no 8 legirons. She did some great innocent poses in her short skirt. Then we decided to make this a little harder, first we cuffed one wrists to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Then a high strappado, both wrists behind her back and finally an overhead position. Enjoy!!

December 7th, 2007

It takes a GirlsInCuffs veteran to do a Clejuso shoot, so we invited Bianca back! We handcuffed her with the very heavy Clejuso 15 handcuffs and added a pair of Clejuso 8 legirons to keep her from moving. Bianca didn’t seem to notice the weight at all, she just kept moving, laughing and posing. So we decided to hogcuff her using a pair of Clejuso 13 handcuffs. That stopped her from moving around, although she was still struggling and joking :-) Another great pose from this set is Bianca elbow cuffed, Clejuso 13 on her wrists behind her back and the heavy model 15 on her ankles! Great girl, great cuffs!

July 27th, 2007

Long legged fashion model Esther joins GirlsInCuffs to show demonstrate some of our heavier items. The very heavy Clejuso no 15 handcuffs look great on Esther’s very slim wrists. And the clunky Clejuso no 8 legirons are a great contrast with the longest legs GirlsInCuffs has to offer! We had a great time shooting Esther, and she will definitely come back to do some more updates! Any suggestions? ;-)