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April 21st, 2006

Petite girl Gina is back again at GirlsInCuffs to demonstrate the fantastic Ralkem model 9930 combination! She starts the shoot wearing her camouflage bra, jeans and black leather boots. When Gina cuffs herself, she always tightens the handcuffs to the limit. She has very thin wrists, but she looks great in the Ralkem combination. Especially the boots in legirons are a nice touch :-) After posing with the combination both arms in front and behind her back, Gina undresses to show us her cool camouflage lingerie and reapplies the Ralkem combination! Check out the full set in the member’s section!

2 Responses to “024”

  1. Savage said on November 9th, 2019:

    My favorite moment when Gina took off her jeans and dressed only in a camouflage bikini. I’ve been waiting for this moment… I have this set for a long time but I often watch it and fantasize that a dozen soldiers who need to be interrogated. She’s standing in a bikini handcuffed and I can whip her or punch her in the stomach to get the truth out of her. Very good photoshoot!

  2. Tommy said on November 13th, 2019:

    Yes Savage, i see this set many years ago. Camo bikini is really great for interrogation of this girl… “Come on Gina for kiss of my whip” Mmmm….

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