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November 16th, 2012

The crazy YeonYoung is not easily scared, but when we handed her the fearsome RigidStock, she literally said ‘What the fuck?’. But after some studying she actually proceeded to put it on her own neck! It is a really delicate scissor-like operation, which scares the hell out of most models. The neck hole is really small, so you have to be careful not to pinch yourself. But as with all RigidCuffs: when it’s on, it’s on. And that’s what YeonYoung found out, especially after she was handed the padlock keys.

May 25th, 2012

Mysterious YeonYoung is back! This alternative girl is now dressed in cute blue clothes, with bare arms and bare feet, leaving plenty of room for cuffs! We lock this 18 year old girl in a pair of KUB Irish 8 snapshut handcuffs (lady size of course), and to make this a little more challenging, we add a pair of KUB Irish 8 leg irons to her ankles! The legs crossed position in these ankle cuffs is unique, there is no way she can stand up! Fun loving YeonYoung likes this style of posing, and she looks great doing it!

December 30th, 2011

YeonYoung is one of these strange girls. According to herself, she is half Polish, half Korean, half Dutch, and half bondage geek. Errr… well, that’s good enough for us! Actually, YeonYoung is quite a fun girl, she absolutely LOVES being cuffed, even moving away from the key when it is time to release her again after the shoot. Here she is in her first update, in Smith & Wesson’s restraints and a nice sturdy prisoner belt!