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April 3rd, 2020

The very colorful Scarlet Foxx returns! Her blue lingerie and red hair are just so stunning! We added a little more color with these Peerless pink restraints. Yes, those are real restraints, just like normal Peerless handcuffs and leg irons, just with a cute layer of paint. They require a key and we never give the models a key until the end of the shoot, so yes, Scarlett was really stuck for a few hours! She didn’t mind though, she is a pretty kinky girl!

August 23rd, 2019

This beautiful redhead from the UK is Scarlett Fox! She looks so good in her silver dress on our black background! We love red hair! But a girl’s outfit is only complete with a pair of cuffs, so we went through our collection and decided Scarlett needed a pair of speedcuffs. British cuffs on a British model! Scarlett was very intrigued, handcuff modelling is very different than regular modelling. She did great! Let’s hope she will be back to try more of our cuffs!