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July 12th, 2013

Local girl Raya passed our headquarters, and since she had so much fun last time, she popped in to have a quick chat! Well, our rule is girls can not leave without being handcuffed, so Raya was quickly locked into a pair of heavy Chinese manacles for the rest of the afternoon! We had some tea, and a great chat, before we decided to make a nice picture set as well! These heavy manacles are female size (which is Chinese for small-but-still-pretty-big). Luckily, Raya has sturdy wrists, so the cuffs are perfectly snug on her! It was an unexpected afternoon for Raya, but she was happy to be in cuffs again!

November 2nd, 2012

We asked cute local girl Raya to model for our website. She did not understand why modelling in handcuffs would be something people would want to see. But after a nice afternoon of working with Raya, she really started to enjoy being cuffed! In fact, she did not want to be released at the end of the shoot! She was particularly interested in the leg irons, trying to walk in them is ‘like in the prison movies!’ she exclaimed. We like her attitude :) And… well, she just looks absolutely hot in LIPS handcuffs.