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June 18th, 2010

Who says you can’t be a fashion model AND a GirlsInCuffs model? As long as the big brands don’t find out you will be fine. Super tall Gwen likes modelling for us, so she is back for the fourth time, and she doesn’t care if her agency finds out about this. It’s quite innocent, she says. Yes, it is… although people in handcuffs generally LOOK guilty. Gwen has done nothing wrong however, in fact she does all the right things, like looking amazing in flexcuffs and leg irons with her tall physique, beautiful face and mysterious dark hair. Go tell the other girls at your agency, Gwen! They are always welcome!

February 19th, 2010

Gwen is back! After some trouble with her agency (she is a fashion model) for shooting with us, she decided she likes us more than her current fashion agency! Yes, here’s a girl with long brown hair, killer eyes, and hot legs wanting to be in cuffs more than in fashion. Well, that’s how we interpreted it anyway… We had a great time putting this catwalk model into restraints normally used for high security prisoners. High heels and S&W 1900 are are great match. A purple dress and waist chain are our idea of high fashion! Seeing Gwen trying to work out how to open a Blue Box is priceless!

plus bonus video!

October 2nd, 2009

Beautiful Gwen is back for another round of cuffing! We introduce her to the wrist cage and lock her legs together tightly using a pair of Irish 8 leg irons. Gwen is intrigued by the wrist cage and she tries to wriggle her hands out of it. Her wrists are so slim she almost manages to do it, but we quickly elbow cuff her with a pair of Hiatt’s model 2060. We try this position in front and behind her back, she can’t get out now. Still, we will be getting a smaller wrist cage, we sold this one to a faithful fan of this website :)

February 13th, 2009

New model Gwen is a beautiful and mysterious girl. Unfortunately for her, it has been a long time since we featured any of Martin’s designs. So it was the Rigid Fiddle model ‘8’ for Gwen! As usual, we gave her the keys to the padlock to let her know we are not completely evil. One of these days a model will figure out how to escape a Rigid Fiddle. But not today, as you can see in these pictures (and a short experimental bonus video clip)!

plus bonus video!