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June 21st, 2024

Elizabeth is a local goth submissive who loves a bondage challenge! I showed her my wrist cage (it’s a small one!) and she immediately said: ‘challenge accepted!!’. Well, her wrists were so tight in there she couldn’t move them at all. I didn’t even have to put the padlock on, because she was never going to be able to reach the top to pull the cuffs open. Much to Elizabeth’s frustration… She tried so hard!

August 19th, 2022

Cute goth girl Elizabeth is a local girl, lured by my big collection of restraints. She didn’t want to try a pair of handcuffs, as she already worn those a lot, she said. Wow, ok. Elizabeth went straight for the RigidFiddle when she saw it. ‘Can I wear this one?’, she exclaimed. Of course you can! As soon as she was locked in, she started figuring out how to escape. She is a fighter! Remind me to use only escape proof restraints on this one, like the RigidFiddle. Elizabeth is available for custom pictures and videos!