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December 9th, 2011

Carie in seductive underwear and high heels! What could be better than that! Well, adding some handcuffs and ankle cuffs of course! We lock the hinged Czech Ralkem model 9922 handcuffs on Carie, since she is Czech, it might make her feel right at home. Her ankles will be adorned by the ever-elegant Smith & Wesson’s model 1900 leg irons! Beauty!!

October 14th, 2011

The lovely Carie will now demonstrate a wrist cage to you. Or rather, we use Carie to demonstrate the wrist cage to you ;-) Wrist cages are not adjustable, so it is important to have the right size. Our small wrist cage fits Carie’s wrists perfectly. She can not turn her wrists (almost but that does not count), so she will stay in the position we lock her in. We show you how to lock a girl’s wrists in front and behind the back, and even palms out for total helplessness! Carie is even given the key…

June 4th, 2010

Raven-haired beauty Carie came to us, curious about this ‘modelling-in-handcuffs’ business. She was a little nervous, but she gave it her best anyway. After a few minutes, Carie really got into it. She had modelled before, just not in handcuffs. The Clejuso heavy weight handcuffs are comfortable to wear, but after a while, the 1.4 kilos really start to weigh down your arms. It’s a workout without escape, a locked on excercise, that is what we love about these cuffs! Well done, Carie!